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Staying at a B&B in the center of Palermo

Anyone who enjoys the wonderful architecture, food and culture will find in Palermo a little paradise of unparalleled beauty: famous for its Old Town, Palermo is a city that offers countless places to visit, from the famous Vucciria market in district of the Lodge until you get to its beautiful churches. Stay in the center of Palermo will mean to live that part of the city immersed in the traditions, in the markets and in the unique atmosphere created by the monuments scattered around: find a suitable place to sleep in Palermo, will be key to enjoy the holiday in the best way. And it is in the neighborhood of the Lodge, it dropped in the heart of the Vucciria, which is the best bed and breakfast in Palermo center: At the Loggia of the Leopard.

Living Palermo means first to experience the Vucciria market, where a set of traditions, smells, tastes and aromas mixes stunning the senses with its big office, the same one that charmed the great painter Renato Guttuso when pulled. Attracted by the classical abbanniate (the screams of retailers) you will be involved in the middle of a mess that fully represents the vitality of the historical center. When they visited, maybe you saziandosi bread and cake or the delicious sfincione to satisfy even the eyes can simply take two steps: the magnificent Teatro Massimo, Piazza Verdi, will be waiting for you, with its load of history and romantic lights that surround the evening. Take advantage of the qualities of a bed and breakfast in Palermo center as Alla Loggia of the Leopard is to know the magic of the old town will always be there with you, inside and outside its walls.

And if in addition to theaters you like the music, impossible not to attend one of the famous performances of the symphony orchestra at the Teatro Politeama, Piazza Ruggero Settimo. But Palermo is also and above all churches, such as the beautiful Church of San Domenico located in the square, which is also famous for its flea markets: adorned with plaster statues and flanked by two large bell towers, the Church ( the second largest in Palermo) welcomes every day tourists lovers of Baroque. And speaking of baroque, another church to visit is the Church of the Immaculate Conception, according to many the finest example of Baroque art in Palermo and beyond. A bed and breakfast where to sleep in Palermo, immersed so deeply in a sea of ??artistic beauty of the genre, is not a common thing.

If we talk about churches one can not mention the majestic Cathedral of Palermo, reached by walking along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, after passing the Quattro Canti, a massive cross which divides the city into four cantons. Palermo center offers attractions that address the most diverse tastes: from churches to monuments, through the markets, the streets and its delicious street food, like bread ca meusa (spleen) and the very special stigghiola (gut kid or lamb). And Alla Loggia of the Leopard, the best bed and breakfast in Palermo center, it offers a great opportunity to enjoy them all according to their doorstep.